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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1055 – Landing on the Moon middle chickens
“Noticed something?” Shen Yuchi sat down and requested.
It could actually be reported to be tedious because he couldn’t see anything inside the cabin. He couldn’t go through the a feeling of leaving behind World and observing it reduce in size.
Zhou Wen suddenly noticed that this was far better to fly from World on a Companion Monster after he enhanced to the Mythical stage.
“Alright, I’ll practice it. But at least, you need to inform me some tips i should check out, right?” b.u.t.ton gritted her tooth and stated.
“I’m hesitant you’ll maintain possible danger if I am not together with you,” stated b.u.t.ton.
Other than 2 people living associated with, Shen Yuchi, Zhou Wen, and provider headed to the lunar starting point.
Zhou Wen didn’t know why that they had to launch the rocket through the night.
It may even be reported to be tedious as he couldn’t see everything from the cabin. He couldn’t have the feeling of leaving The planet and viewing it decrease.
“Alright, I’ll achieve it. But at a minimum, you will need to let me know the thing i should investigate, appropriate?” b.u.t.ton gritted her pearly whites and stated.
Right after Ya went on stage, the Guardians started complex him just as before. Ya was much like ahead of. It does not matter who pushed him, he would acknowledge the difficulty.
Despite the fact that Mythical critters may also fly into s.p.a.ce, people possessed fragile physiques. It was actually far better to require a rocket. Shen Yuchi was being prepared for the introduction of your rocket within the last day or two.
“I require that you want to do something. I can’t let you uncover you to ultimately them.” Shen Yuchi looked over b.you.t.ton and achieved over to straighten the marginally wrinkled clothing in her arm.
On the other hand, everyone believed their fate would basically be decided whenever they achieved the Moon.
As for the four Censors, Zhou Wen didn’t know all of them. Other six have been unknown facial looks.
Wei Ge smiled and explained, “I’m now an inspector in the bureau. I needed to tell you, nevertheless i don’t have your contact number. I haven’t been able to get hold of you. You should give me your mobile phone number after.”
Wei Ge smiled and stated, “I’m now an inspector within the bureau. I needed to inform you, but I don’t have your phone number. I haven’t had the opportunity to get hold of you. It is important to produce your telephone number afterwards.”
“Noticed nearly anything?” Shen Yuchi sat down and asked.
Zhou Wen originally imagined that they could see far more stars over the Moon, but this time, he realized that what he could see was rather minimal. It turned out far low quality to what he could see in the world. It didn’t match up his goals.
Let Me Game in Peace
Besides two individuals keeping regarding, Shen Yuchi, Zhou Wen, and business headed to the lunar foundation.
“Yes, Director-Basic.” Wei Ge saluted.
When it comes to four Censors, Zhou Wen didn’t know all of them. Other six were new encounters.
This landing was simple. They hadn’t introduced any equipment like lunar rovers. In reality, they wouldn’t want to use them. Mythical Companion Beasts were a lot more useful here than lunar rovers.
I appeared forward to it for absolutely nothing.
“This Wei Ge is really a sleek and slick person. He’s naturally capable at gathering learning ability,” reported b.u.t.ton.
“I’m worried you’ll be in risk if I am not along,” reported b.u.t.ton.
On the other hand, everyone understood their destiny would only be made the decision when they achieved the Moon.
“So you bought Wei Ge to adhere to Zhou Wen to test out him?” b.u.t.ton pondered.
Immediately after Ya continued phase, the Guardians started tough him yet again. Ya was exactly like just before. Regardless of who pushed him, he would recognize the difficulty.
“There’s no reason to examine or do anything whatsoever. You just need to increase his believe in and wait for day time I need you,” Shen Yuchi mentioned calmly.
“So you acquired Wei Ge to follow Zhou Wen to test him?” b.you.t.ton pondered.
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“Not absolutely. It had been preferable to have someone you never know Zhou Wen comply with him than somebody who knows absolutely nothing about him,” Shen Yuchi explained.

He was rather interested when he first came into the rocket cabin. Even though it wasn’t scarce for folks to fly from the skies or burrow in to the ground in this era, it was subsequently still very nerve-wracking and interesting to be on the rocket.
Li Xuan and Feng Qiuyan got Ya’er and adopted w.a.n.g Lu straight back to the w.a.n.g friends and family. Zhou Wen visited Sky Pa.s.s by itself.
“If Wei Ge returns lively, I wish for you to think of methods to keep by his part,” Shen Yuchi claimed casually.
“I do not have objections. President Wei is rather excellent. He’s an extremely ready particular person. Your bureau certainly is filled with talent,” Zhou Wen mentioned that has a faint laugh.
In addition to Zhou Wen, there have been eight other members, which includes Shen Yuchi and Wei Ge.
Zhou Wen didn’t proceed looking at. It was subsequently almost time for you to visit Atmosphere Pa.s.s in order to meet Shen Yuchi and head to the Moon.
After coming to the Skies Pa.s.s, Shen Yuchi personally gotten Zhou Wen. What stunned Zhou Wen was that Wei Ge was pursuing Shen Yuchi.
“There’s no need to look into or a single thing. You just need to get his confidence and wait for day time We need you,” Shen Yuchi said calmly.

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